Black owned jewelry brand you must know about!

With the impact of Covid 19 and the awarness of Black Lives Matter movement due to the death of George Floyd. It has shed a light on small buinesses specifically Black owned business, that have been viewed as minorities in America. with black culture being the epi center of pop culture and social media trend it has put has put so many pressure on major brands and our white counter parts to not keep silence and honors us and view the postivity in this fight.

 If your a women with a mission or a Girl boss and  your in the mood to shop from a black owned brand and to get your hands on some gold goodies.

Best Girl Store Gold trendy jewelry


 Best seller Gold sterling silver 6 figure jewelry ($30)

We love BEST GIRL STORE! A Trendy Luxe jewelry brand for the modern girl boss and their mission is to inspire women to become the best version of themselves. And our favorite gold necklace to style with a nice white stylish blazer is the 6figure necklace for all Boss babe vibes.



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